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OT - My fishing adventure!


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Ok here guys is a story of me and my brother in law going out fishing on the gold coast on a dinghy with only 15hp!

we hire the boat...

we drive off......the map which is laminated blows off into the water. we turn the boat around and as i grabs the map ......it sinks !

My bro says oh craP, guess its a 8 hour trip without a map!

I grab the phone and im about to ring my sis, then a freaken large boat goes past us and creates a big wave and i drop the phone in the water, i was on the edge of the boat btw, it was only a dinghy with 15 hp lol, our boat nearly capsized lol ...There goes an expensive phone two months old that has a video and digital camera, internet ETC in it. oh craP! im in trouble.... a thousand dollar phone gone to waste sad.gif

Two hours later i caught the worlds largest unedible puffer fish lol.

i coudint reel it in, so heavy man..

we start to feel sea sick so we decide to stop on a island.We pull the boat up as high as we thought was necessary. My Bro says to me while sitting under a tree " I'm really tired if I fall asleep watch the boat "

He wakes up a few minutes later and sees the boat drifting, yells at me and we both run off to save the boat. Lol i was relaxing too..

We decide we have had enough of fishing and feeling sick so we start the trip back three hours early.

We head towards the " tall Buildings" looking for the place where we hired the boat. We realise the map is used for getting around the channels and sand bars. We see the place but get stuck on a sand bar.... i thought the water was deep so we just went through it lol but oh crap.. we got stuck

we can't re- start the engine.I thought he was joking but he wasnet lol, it starts gain, he fiddled with something and it worked only to stop again, but we got it going again luckily.What navigating skills we have lol

we arrive home looking really bad... wink.gif

We spent the whole night feeling sick and sunburnt . mad.gif

Also we came home empty handed mad.gifmad.gif


Well thats our story of our fishing adventure!

Im still at the Gold Coast btw

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love it, reminds me of home! Im in the UK now for a few years...

When u were sitting on that island I guess one of em opposite strady island you should have thrown your line in the water... Some of the biggest flat heads Ive ever caught, long story, to sum it up we drove of with the live fish net over the side, gone forever poor fishys stuck in the net...


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We were to bugged to do anymore fishing lol!

But there was this fish that was big and took our line and broke it, it was big, our rods werent very strong so we coudint reel it in, it just pulls the rod down everytime.

it bit 2 times only.

Still wonderin what it could of been,

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