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Review: Resun Magic Jet Internal Filter


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Ok. Got the Resun Magic Jet 1000L/Hr model. I have an External Canister as the main biological filter, so the 1000 was more than enough to polish the water and create a nice amount of turbulance in a 4FT.

So far it seems a great unit. Has a neato spray bar attachment, and build-quility appears very solid (no cheap looking, thin plastic). The pump is extremely quiet, and it comes with a filter sponge and a plastic tray insert containing a mesh bag of carbon. I took out the carbon and replaced with Zeolite (for some Ammonia protection), and there was still room for an extra piece of filter pad.

Pros: Silent, powerful, plenty of options, low cost, black in colour so less visual impact than othe internals with clear plastic.

Cons: bit heavy on the power for what it is - 20W; doesn't have a clear cartridge to check how your sponge is going (but this doesn't bother me as I check my filters regularly anyway and I hate the clear versions in a display tank)

Overall a good back-up filter with plenty of features at a good price. I'll wait and see how it goes for reliability.

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