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Conspecific Temperament


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Can any one explain the concept of "Conspecific Temperament" as opposed to the normal temperament of a species. Examples of good combinations and bad combinations would probably assist my understand.


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This usually is used to describe the personality and actions of a cichlid (or other species) to other tankmates of the SAME species.

Remembering at all times that there are always other factors such as tank size, substrate and other rockwork, numbers of other fish as well as fish of the same species and in what order they are introduced.

Also remember that an individual fish sometimes can also have a demeanour not indicative of that particular species wink.gif .

Read up on mbuna and or Tropheus and you will get some good examples of aggressive conspecific behaviour. Alternatively the american Geophagus species has a mild temperament towards its tankmates until spawning starts to occur.

Hope this has made it a little clearer.



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