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Are there any disadvantages of using this product?

I was thinking of giving it to some of my african cichlids as a treat 2/3 times per week...

Does it really enhance the colour of the fish?

Would the colour of the fish lack once I stop using this product, anyone with much experience?


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Yes it does enhance colour you only need to see its effects on discus to see the results. It will only turn fish orange if you feed it more than say 4-5 times (not days) a week. It only works on the red/orange/yellow colours of your fish. They have a fair deal of carotene in the food (which is the colour agent) and it also has a good deal of protein for a pellet. Your best bet is to only use this stuff for display fish. The reason is you don't want to fool a buyer into purchasing fry thinking that the fry will be as colourfull as the parents. Same goes with colour enhanced fry, you won't want to sell fish that will fade in colour.

Having said all this, good old brineshrimp also has carotene in it and from my knowledge won't turn fish orange as it doesn't have the same extreme amount of carotene, there fore it should allow your fish to have a more natural colour rather than colour enhanced.

Anthony thumb.gif

PS: It is still a good suppliment to a fish's diet if fed lightly thumb.gif

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