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Geophagus/Satanoperca owners


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Just curious to know what geophagus/satanoperca keepers we have here? Which is your favourite species? What do you feed them? who here breeds them? And has there been any problems that you have come across whilst keeping these fish? smile.gif

If you have photos of your eartheaters upload them so we can have a looksey! tongue.gif

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Hey hey,

Proud owners of breeding adults and juveniles of brachybranchus, altifrons and jurapari smile.gif

Had a disaster a few weeks ago where a heater malfunctioned and we lost a tankful - biggest heartbreak our 30cm oldest male brachy sadsmiley02.gif

Other than that we have happily co existed with these americans for 6-7 years now and love them to bits. They have been kept over this period of time with discus, knife fish and at times each other.

They love their low PH, fast flowing water for breeding and water a bit warmer than most - oh and their food smile.gif. Breeding pairs best kept on their own where they dispay the most amazing bi parental care every seen.

Enjoy them.



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Hey Aline,

Sorry to hear about your loss of your brachy and other eaters ohmy.gif

kept with discus thats amazing! I'd thought they would push them about! Must be fairly docile being the gentle giants to other tankmates... tongue.gif

I havent had brachy or jurapari before but I am quite keen to get some in the near future. cool.gif

Thanks for sharing..

gotta love eartheaters wub.gif

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As far as their aggression goes...there isn't any. They're basically giant dwarf cichlids. I used to keep cardinal tetras with mine and the 6"-7" fish never showed any signs of wanting to eat them. Fantastic fish to keep, I have seven Satanoperca leucosticta with more to come. Used to keep and breed Geophagus brachybranchus, and once I move house and set up a fish room, I'll keep them again smile.gif

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I just picked up 4 Juvenile Geophagus Steindachneri.

CatfishLegacy, I just put the redhumps in with my larger altifrons 3x the size and I am surprised that they didnt go for em! If you ever breed the Satanoperca leucosticta I would definantly be keen as I hardly seem them about. I like the look of them but I am still training my eye, l cant distinguish the difference between them and similar ones such as jurapari and acuticeps.

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Hi there,

these fish are ATM.

Geophagus abalios

Geophagus altifrons

Geophagus altifrons 'rio tocatins'

Geophagus altifrons 'rio xingu'

Geophagus brachybranchus

Geophagus braziliensis

Geophagus dicrozoster

Geophagus sp.'araguaia'

Geophagus sp. 'pindare'

Geophagus steindachneri

Geophagus surinamensis

Satanoperca acuticeps

Satanoperca daemon

Satanoperca jurapari

Satanoperca leucostictus

these fish are here in Oz



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cheers for that emp1re. kind clears things up a little clap.gif but i am somewhat still confused unsure.gif

"that a fish with an unspeckled snout is an immediate mouthbrooder, either S. jurupari or a species closely related to it; and that Satanoperca with speckled snouts are S. leucosticta and practice delayed mouthbrooding" Therefore, Satanoperca jurapari - no speckles on the snout, immediate mouth brooder

Satanoperca leucostictus - speckles on the snout, delayed mouthbrooder

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Hi Guys,


Acutus is latin for sharp,pointed : ceps latin for pointed headed

It has a more pointed head distinguishing this fish from it closest relatives.

Has abit of a red eye. red blue green in caudial - anal - tail - 4 large spots on side of body last being on the the caudal peduncle are its unmistakable markings there are more features to this fish but they are just some that catch the eye.

Jurapari was derived from the local people and it roughly means devil.

Has the plainest coloration of all Satanoperca species.

Most striking way to tell is the head pattern(greenish dots on the face)

Can be kept in harder water then the rest.

leucos = white stiktos =spotted

referring to the light reflective spots on the head

There is alot more spotting over the body

The best person to get more info from would be Chris Davies or Kevin Sorenson.

Chris is link to hell I think and Kevin is Sorosen I think.



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i got my first geophagus today a breeding pair of Geophagus brachybranchus. They look really good! Im also hopeing to get a breeding pair of Satanoperca leucostictus but well see what room i have left in the shed lol!

Thanks for all the info guys its excellent!!

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