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Spirulina powder for DIY fish food


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Hi all,

Where can I buy spirulina powder from, I am going to try and make a batch soon, or would I need to put some in as I want this food mainly for Alto comps, would I even have to put the peas or spinach as well?

The recipe says to use a lot of gelatine, how much is a lot as I have never made gelatine before, i think the packet says 125gm of powder makes 500ml of gelatine when it sets?


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Hi Alex,

Hope things are going well smile.gif

I use 6 teaspoons of gelatine to about 100ml boiling water. Stir briskly and then add that to 500ml of the food mix.

Spirulina powder is available from the health food store or you can get tablets and use a pestel and mortar to pulverise.


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