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i was trying to buy a canister off fish4u.com.au last night and when prompted i chose to pay by bank card, yet when i entered my card details it came up with an error i did this like 5+ times, can anyone tell me why or how to fix this problem?


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Just ring them. Their details are:

Phone : (02) 9829 1818

Fax : (02) 9618 2767

Address: Shop 4 Nardoo Street, Ingleburn NSW 2565

Email Contacts

John : john@fish4u.com.au

Coni : coni@fish4u.com.au

Webmaster : webmaster@fish4u.com.au

I'm sure they will take your cc details over the phone.

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geez - I'd be worried about their system automatically billing your card 5 times!

Definately get a hold of them, I'm sure they'll sort it out for ya.

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Hi Scarfaze

NO credit card has benn processed from your IP

Please contact us and we will give you our direct deposit details if you would like to buy that way.

If you print out the order you can also pick it up in store.

regards Coni & John


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