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Rocks: Make your own (001)


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Agarocrete is generally used for reef's but I don't see how it couldn't work in freshwater tanks. Alot of info on garf.org but the ingredients are American which I doub't are accessible in Australia.

Just wondering what you used in place of the yank ingredients, such as what concrete and sand? And generally how you went. thumb.gif

Going to have a crack at it this weekend, just wondering if theres any specifics, or you can use any concrete or sand?

Cheers Luke.

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I tried making some rocks using normal yellow sand and grey cement in a 4 to 1 mix but after a month in a trough with water changes every few days the ph was still too high to put fish into, so i went back to using limestone to decorate.

The other method i tried was a mixture of sand and poly resin (boatbuilders resin), the result is an inert product which is very strong and looks like what you make it to look like, with my artistic flair i made mine look like sand covered flower pots LOL.gifLOL.gif , otherwise they where a good idea.


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