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Geophagus Altifrons


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I have a planted discus tanks and have a couple of questions regarding Geophagus Altifrons.

How large would they grow in a 4x2x2 tank?

Are they compatible in a planted tank?

Are they compatible with discus?



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Yes you can keep them in with Discus, I have some in with them atm. They can tend to stress the discus though, because just about any movement from other fish seem to do this to the discus, but IMHO it is good for them and they are doing well.

If you just have one pair in with a few discus then I would say they should get to full size, but if you overstock and don't feed them properly then they may be a little under that.


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In a 4x2x2 they will reach full size but as Matthew stated that make sure you give them a good diet.

I would think that the discus would get pushed about... but obviously the G. Altifrons ignores them I am sure juvs would be ok but once they reach maturity you may have to be cautious... planted tanks are ok but make sure that the plants are either well planted and surrounded with rocks or if your using plants such as java fern they usually ignore it.

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