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Malawi Bloat


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I'm pretty sure the blue dolphin I posted about a few days ago has the early stages of Malawi bloat. Still not eating (5 days) and is keeping under cover by himself. He did taste some brine shrimp I tried to tempt him with but he blew it back out.

Spoke to my LFS who is quite reliable and he said that all effective medications had been withdrawn from the market, mostly due to labelling issues and were unlikely to come back.

Does anybody have any suggestions or do I just have to watch him slowly die? cry2.gif

Current tank conditions:

26 celcius

pH 8

nil ammonia and nitrite

KH 120 mg/L

GH 360 mg/L

Will do a 30% water change tonight.

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Thanks for the info MoliroMan. Where do you buy the dimetronidazole from - LFS, chemist, vet?

Is it OK to treat the whole tank or should the fish be quarantined and treated separately?

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Hi Scienceman,

I buy my dimetronidazole from Auburn Aquarium (on Paramatta Rd, Domayne Centre).

With my tropheus if there are any signs of bloat i will treat the entire tank. But it can be quite expensive if u have a large tank so u could catch the sick fish and treat it in a hospital tank and give the large tank a couple of doses to prevent spread of the disease.



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Just called Alburn Aquariums and they will post me the dimet today. Nobody else on the Central Coast had any.

Did get another suggested treatment for less severe cases, an Epsom salt bath for 1h / day to purge their system.

The dolphin is coming out of his shelter and mixing with his mates and has perked up quite a bit and is even having a taste at feeding time so he seems to be on the mend. I should get the dimet on Monday and over the weekend I will try the Epsom salts to see if this does the trick.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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