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Im wondering what ingredients and/or techniques you guys use when making your own frozen fish food. Have you experienced tank pollution ie, cloudy water,suspended particulate problems. I have for the 2nd time used the Cichlid societies recipe. First time was fine, had no pollution problems and the fish seemed to love. This time I tried to improve upon myself...as you do... but it has not quite worked out the way I had hoped.. dry.gif

I substituted prawns for whole white bait (I'm thinking all the head and guts was not neccesary) and added powdered Spirulina. My first problem after i finished was when adding a slightly defrosted cube (thinking my ice tray cubes are too large) to the tank...the thing explodes in a cloud. If cichlids were filter feeders I guess it would not be such a problem laugh.gif. So I then added more gelatine which has improved but not rectified my predicament. The fish love it but after 1 feeding I have cloudy water which only a water change can fix, even adding a flocculant wont clear.

Any suggestions fellow fishophiles? smile.gif

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Hey guys,

I recently made a batch with success.

1kg of prawns

1 salmon fillet

.5kg of peas

and bunch of spinach

3 or 4 teaspoon of spirulina

vitamin c

While adding the mixture to the agar mix, i would get a spoonful and put it in the fridge ( freezer if ur impatient) and when it settles i added it to my tank to see how it is, I continue doing this until it i got it right.

My fish love it, it doesnt pollute the water at all, similar to feeding flakes or pellets.

In my tang tank, whatever the leptos miss the multies will get.

In the malawi tank, all the mbunas and peacocks just gobble them all up, not leaving any traces or anything.


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Hi -

A few tips on home mades:

1: dont blend it too much - too fine = more "powder".

2: dont feed too much of it... these foods are best used lightly.

3: I've always used veggies (frozen veg mix) rather than powdered spirulina - though I'm not sure how that might affect your mix (though it'd be courser you'd think).

HtH -

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1: dont blend it too much - too fine = more "powder".

I think thats what now happened to mine as I used a different blender this time. The finished product (before freezing) could probably have been drunk with a straw laugh.gif

I'll try a different method next time thumb.gif

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