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Capacity calculation


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There is a good calculator on the cichlid-forum.com site that not only allows you to calucate volume in both inches and cm but has a number of other calculators (ie. Temperature Converter, Sand Bed Depth (Inches), Inches (in) <—> Centimeters (cm) Converter and Water Hardness)

The following is a link to the relevant Volume Calculator


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that is because most tanks in australia use the standard metric inch, which is 2.5cm. the true imperial inch which is used in the USA is a little bigger (can't remember the exact size) thus a true 4x2x2 is bigger than a 120x60x60 tank.

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Apologies guys and gals... will try and get to it soon. The temperature, hardness etc converters are working fine on the new version:

Please use the old version (available here: http://www.sydneycichlid.com/old_scp/convert.html ) for the working calculators for volume.

Calculating in feet and inches is for twits.

Metric is easier (in everyway).

1 inch = 2.54 cm (exactly).

convert your tank measurements (height, length and width) (or simply measure them) in cm.

Multiple the three numbers and you get a volume in cm cubed (one of which (ie: 1 cm3) is equal (more or less) to 1 ml).

Divide by 1000 to get volume in litres. If you are speaking to americans you can further divide (by 3.8) this into US gallons (though better to inform them that their system (and worse cursed fahrenheit) is an antique! LOL!)

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