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HELP! My Elec Blue is sick


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My Elec Blue has very suddenly "nose dived" and looks like he ain't got much time left. Seems to have strained breathing, lost colour in his body and his scales look all rough and ruffled.

Water is fine, tank mates are fine.

He is in a hospital tank now, with Methylene Blue/Malachite Green "Multi-Cure" solution and a quick-filter for aeration and circulation.

user posted image

Any ideas anyone???

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Sorry, guess I should provide more info:

I had this fish in a 3FT (about 130L) tank with 8 Malawi tank mates. I have a Venustus that was the dominant but this Elec Blue was the 2nd on the pyramid and wasn't generally harassed by any others.

I feed them "New Life Spectrum for Africans", "OSI Cichlid flakes" and brine shrimp very occasionally.

No Ammonia, PH is 7.2.

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