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Extremely Bloated Texas Help

trevor f

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hi trevor... welcome to the forums.

First off... DONT SHOUT (ie. TYPING IN ALL CAPS)! It makes reading your post much harder!

Secondly... can you tell us more about the tank? size? filtration? What else is in there? How long has it been set up? water conditions (ie. ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, GH and KH?) what do you feed them? how often do you do water changes? etc. etc. Gie us as much info as possible.

what is the fish? texas what?? need more info and a scientific name!

Get back to us and we can help further!



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Thanks for the reply steve,my tank is 750L capacity using a fluval 404 plus 2 3800lph powerheads.The tank has been set up for 2years and have been changing at least 180l every 2weeks.Ph is at 6.9 to 7.1 kh/gh 60mg/l nitrite 0.1.I also have in the tank a 2nd texas(dont know scientific name)2 firemouths,3 samon tail catfish,3 convicts,2 port acara,2 clown loatch,2 silver dollars and they are all ok.I feed them wardly cichlid flakes,aqua life pellets,brine shrimp,and bloodworm once a month.Yesterday iput the texas in a qaurantine tank with a solution called pimafix recomended by my local aquarium,it doesnt seem to be doing much.Any ideas.

thanks Trevor

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