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Hydor heater sizes


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Hi guys,

I got an ehiem 2217 canister and Ive got a hydor 200watt heater.

The hydor is too small to connect onto the outflow pipe of the canister..

Does anyone know if the hydor 300watt version will fit straight up to the outflow pipe on the 2217 canister?

Or should I just get a connecting piece of pipe to the 2 ?

CHeers all..

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Hi lepperfish,

I have the exact same problem but vice versa,

my hydor 300 was too big for the outflow pipe on my eheim 2215 so what i did was cut some tubing and pull them over each other, one over another until it gets to a tight fit. works a charm, no leaks thumb.gif

btw, the eheim hose might be a bit too tough to pull over another so i used the clear hosing similar to the syphon hose but bigger.

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Cheers for the reply champ.

But my 200watt hydor did fit my outflow pipe perfectly. I got the inlet and outlet mixed up.. It was 2am after all.. rolleyes.gif

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