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Green Terror


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Hey all,

Green Terrors, I was wondering what information you could give me on these species as I am planning to set up my 4ft,240lt,60gal and was wondering if they are going to be too big.. would hope to fit a pair in.

Been reading some sites.. some they get 15cm others say 30cm... So I got no idea any input would be great.

Thanks alot,


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Hey hey,

Great characters the rivulatus and don't really deserve their nick name wink.gif . A spectacular american that gets favourable comments by all who see them.

Depends on other tank inhabitants but your tank size is ok if you house them with only a few others. Did you plan on other American species??

I have both the gold saum and the white saum (colour of their tail band) in six footers with an assortment of african orphans as they await their own tank in the new room. They spawn consistently and tend to get a bit agro when guarding their territory however they don't resort to too much bashing and beating smile.gif

My males are 20cm and growing, so in a tank of their own will hopefully reach max size 30-35cm.



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maybe some silver dollars, similar sized catfish, clown loaches etc.

do yourself a favour and get about 6 juveniles and let them form a pair instead of buying them nearly fully grown as then you can get them used to conditions (not to mention tankmates)in your tank from young.

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