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As Mike said, a male only pseudotropheus tank is very attractive, but definitely don't put two species in one tank.

Which ones were you considering mixing?

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HI Andy,

I have two Acei that I bought off Beardie. ( they may have come from you originally) I was wanting to either put in Saulosi or Elongatus.

Will this be ok.

Currently I have in a 300l tank 3 small clown loaches, 4 very small e-yellows, 6 small Red Zebras ( I want to end up with 4, just waiting to see how many females and males I have ), 2 Acei: about 8 cm each.

I am thinking of putting in one more species, this is a display tank only.

I am still very green when it comes to fish keeping, but already I am becoming an addict.

Any suggestions of fish types that would be suitable would be much appreciated.



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ihave and have had the following living in my6x2x2 since i set it up.never experienced any cross breeding never saw any signs of it.salousi afra cobwe polits rustys e.yellows cobalts acei maingano hongi

i had one polit cross breed with a rusty once but that was because her male died and she was the only one of her species left in the tank.ive found that if you keep a colony together as long as you each male of each species has his own females he sticks to courting them and no others.only when there are no females present have i found signs of cross breeding.im only saying this about mbuna not all africans in general.if you prefer blondes and got stuck on an island with only brunettes would you change you preferneces or stay sing dry.gif le

ps ive only vouching for what ive kept not all mbuna zebs

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