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Gurgling standpipe


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I finally bit the bullet and got around to making a DIY bucket filter but the standpipe gurgles quite loudly.

I cross-drilled the downpipe into the siphon so that it would lessen the gurgling but it seems to have had not a lot of effect.

It's 25 mm pressure rated PVC and the tip of the standpipe is about 5 mm below the waterline. At this depth, if the power fails then the sump fills to about 50 mm below the lip. I'm comfortable with this level... Maybe I need a shorter standpipe and a larger sump or a supplementary sump?

If anyone has done this trick, please let me know how to solve the noise. I kinda like my peace and quiet. :D

Cheers - OziOscar.

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Look up "durso standpipe" on google.

I'm pretty sure that's the name of it. if you haven't found what you're looking for, I'll have a look when I have more time.

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I use 50mm PVC pipe over the top to make it pull from underwater, shuts them right up. Cut the piece long enough to sit on the base of the aquarium and be out of the water without inerfering with the hood/lids, then cut the base at 45deg to make a decent hole for the water to draw from.

Same theory as the durso pipe but you may find it more attractive, plus it draws from the base of the tank which give a deeper current than having the return and drain at the surface.

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OK - Got the hint... Looks like I need to consider some Durso-styled mods. :D

Since I am using a non-drilled tank and am creating a siphon that's checked by a powerhead's venturi, it looks like I need to make a mod that just isn't on the Durso site. Or maybe I'm too sleepy to spot it no the Durso site. <<bleary eyes - first day back at work was definitely a shock to the system>>. ie Add a Durso pipe to the siphon pipe.

The only downside of the Durso system that I can think of is that the noise will be reflected into the water rather than into the air. Is this the case or I am incorrectly theorising? And if the sound is reflected into the water, is there any non-beneficial effect on the livestock?

Would it seem sensible to make the first stage of the piping 50 mm and then use an adapter so that it flows into the 25 mm pipe?

Or should I just think about a bigger sump and lower the height of the standpipe so that it's always underwater and therefore lack the noise from the Coriolis effect of the water heading down the drain?


I have two layers of filter foam (each 25 mm), plus about 75 mm of bioballs, all in the bucket. Is that enough or should I be thinking about more? Bioload is one fast growing messy feeding cichlid (sorry, not mentioning what kind for various reasons).

Sorry for all the questions, but I would like to get this right first time.

Cheers - OziOscar.

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Hey Ash,

sounds interesting..

Do you put a hole in the top of the 50mm pipe or is it sealed?

I am trying to picture it.. and your post has given me an idea.

Got a picture? smile.gif

I currently have a base piercing that drains straight down, but has an s-bend at the bottom, just before it enters the sump. The original owner put it in to reduce gurgling. However, there is still the bath-plug style air-suck noise at the top from time to time.

My idea might be to simply put a cap (with larger diameter than the standpipe) on the top of the standpipe. It would overlap so that the lip of the cap is lower than the water level, whilst the top of the downpipe is above water level. Of course it would need to be raised off the pipe to allow the water to flow.

Going with the durso theory, I guess you'd need a small hole in the top of the cap.


it will probably make more sense with some more sleep.. but the idea of the durso system is that there is limited air in the drainage process. Because of that limited air, getting sucked down the pipe, you don't get the sucking, gurgling noise. It isn't reflected into the tank, it is actually reduced. smile.gif

Also, if you lower the height of the standpipe, it will only reduce the water level.. ie: the water drains down to the top of the drainage/standpipe.

Good luck smile.gif


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Matt - Completely open top on the PVC, it works cause the water is ruching up the outer pipe at such a rate that it doesn't get the bathtub type swirl that makes the gurgling. In my 4x2x2's I literally have a 600mm piece of straight 50mm diameter PVC slid over the standpipe (drilled bottom of tank), no end cap & just a cutaway in the base to let the water level equalise.

I'll post a pic when I get home.


looky here

user posted image



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