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feeding live saltwater fish


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hey guys my aro is getting bigger now 45cm, wanting to know whetther its ok to feed occasionally live saltwater whitbait and small fishes that i can get off my friend when he gos net casting. would it be best to feed live prawns as well, im worried live prawns wll hurt it cause of all the spikes.

can someone answer this, why is it that when we feed our large fish live fishes or prawns etc, that wee take off all pincers and all sharp fins so not to hurt our fish.

but in the wild they eat all sorts of live food that can fit in thier mouths and they still stay in perfect condition

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i feed my arowana salt water crabs,live prawns whole with head & shell.

many fisho's peel the prawn for arowana,but all the nutrition is in the shell smile.gif

being at sydney fish markets daily,i am lucky enough to get live salt water fish for my arowana when needed!

so you wont have a problem with feeding your arowana salt water fish

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hey mate,

go for your life! I feed my fish (barra, sleepy cod and SA cichlids), life saltwater stuff all the time. I havnt had the slightest problem yet and there arnt any diseases that can get transferred from salt to fresh that i know of.

Regarding the prawns/shrimp, they're fine whole, even better live. they do spike the fish at first but the fish soon learn how to go about picking them off! Except one of my oscars who is scared s-less of even the smallest shrimp...sook!

so yeah, just go for it. as long as you make sure your fish are still getting a balanced diet, live/fresh stuff will only make them healthier.

cheers, luke.

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thanks for info,

but im still unsure weather to feed it live prawns, cause im afraid it may damage him with the sharp pincers.

i might just cut off the head of prawn before feeding it just in case.

as with fishes i'll only feed him fishes that dont have too many sharp fins.

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the arowana will easily adjust & eat anything that will go into there mouth & if they are struggling with what they are eating they will spit out the unwanted!

i gave my silver 2 salt water crabs x 8cm the other day claws & all

my aro spat the claws out of his mouth but the rest of the crab was very yummi thumb.gif

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