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Pepermints / bristle nose ?


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im guesssing if normal bristle nose and pepermints are kept together then there is a strong possibility of them cross breeeding and therefore shouldnt be done???? unsure.gif

Is there anybody that has kept them sussefully in the same tank ??



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I have never kept them in the same tank, however I have kept normal Bristlies with Orange spots and they did cross. ohmy.gif And yes I did destroy all of the fry!)


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I have never had peppermints cross breed with common BN or O/S (slender BN) with another species.

I am not saying it can't happen, but if you have both sexes of the same species it is most unlikely they will mate with something else.

Too many cichlid keepers confuse "species" with colour forms or locality races of the the same spicies..They are just different colours of the same fish, not pecies at all. Just like 'Red' or "Blue" guppies,,,,,same fish, different colour.

It is time aquarists fell in line with the rest of the scientific community and gave the correct name, then the adjunct " var white nose" or what ever,

It is accepted practice in all other avenuse of propogation !! And that is all we are! propogators of fish.

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