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African Buttefly Cichlids


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Hi guys!!!

I have a bit of a problem, a couple of hours ago I had one of those impulse buys in a LFS and now I am unsure as to what I have purchased.

I now have two small fish similar in shape to my blue rams - but very different markings.

They were marked in the fish shop as being African Butterfly Cichlid's in the dwarf section.

I have since searched on the internet and not found any fish called this that looks anything like what I bought

Can anyone give any light onto this situation, I feel very silly now to have bought something that I had no idea about, and am now unsure which tank to put them in...

Any help would be much appreciated smile.gif

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It's all good, I found the scientific name: Anomolachromis thomasi

Now I have all the info I needed and they are cruising around happily with the bolivian rams so everything is sorted

Cheers thumb.gif

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Yeh thanks for that, I found those sites too... that's why I was sooo confused, but I think it was just a bad common name that the fish shop had given them that a number of other fish have as well!!!

All sorted now tho, they seem happy and are eating well so I couldn't really hope for much more from a couple of impulse buys

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Laura -

Anomalochromis thomasi is an EXCELLENT west african cichlid. Up there with Pelvicachromis as my fave for new players :D!

They are easy to breed and quite "unramlike" in that they wont give you the same heartache! Fiona breeds them (or did) by the million.... FIONA!

Hopefully she'll drop by to offer her wisdom!

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Hi, haven't been around much.

They are pretty if not "smack in the face eye catching". I like the iridescent blue spots and the purplish shading when in breeding condition.

They are very hardy and can cope with a wide range of water conditions. I believe that they are also quite long lived for a dwarf - I have read that they can breed up to 6 years, mine aren't that old yet though.

They are gentle and can cohabit with community fish without harming them. They thrive on a wide range of foods.

They can be kept in groups without killing/harassing each other (just don't put in new thomasi with an established breeding pair as those WILL be territorial).

Sexing is not immediately obvious but is not hard once you know them - the females end up smaller and a bit rounder, and the males have a pointy breeding tube while the female's is rounded.

Hm, what have I missed ....

Edit: oh yes, being an open spawner, using a rock or piece of wood or leaf or terracotta pot (they have spawned on all of those for me), best not to have a catfish in there if you want to breed them.

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