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cool.gif Hi all, just wondering how long I can expect my greshakei to hold her fry for?

They spawned yesterday afternoon.. Bonus chrissy pressie.. thumb.gif

I wanna get as much fry as possible.

Should I attempt to strip her or just let nature take its course?

ps. Have never " stripped " fry before..

Cheers.. rolleyes.gif

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Stripping isn't something I like doing. I would rather catch her out after one or two weeks, no longer than two weeks, and put her in a fry saver. Start giving her tiny little bits of food just in case she wants to eat. Your better off cleaning the food out each night than her eating her mouthful because she was hungry. wink.gif

Leaver her in the fry saver and one day you will find she has released the fry and hopefully not eaten them all. laugh.gif

If you really want to ensure you get some fry then stripping her after a week or so and tumbling is another way to go.

Or if you can’t be bother tumbling and you just want to strip then maybe have her in the fry saver by the two week mark and if she hasn’t released then strip by the third week.

Best of luck,

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