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Big shock Christmas eve


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My Mrs was talking to me while I was in the garage this morning and she yelled out.

"Dave qick, the tinfoil just spun out in front of me"

Her most loved fish, apart from Sharky the silver shark, went belly up in a matter of seconds.

It was as tinny as a tinfoil can be and then it seemed to lose its swim bladder and couldn't balance.

Next thing it started to turn yellow/gold and died in my hands whilst I was holding it upright.

Anyway she loved this fish so we had a morning burial. VERY SAD!!!!!

I sugested as joke in an attempt to lighten her spirits that we should feed it to the dog but she hit me and I am still hurting. zipit.gif

I still cant work out why this perfectly healthy fish turned in a matter of seconds and bellied up.

She cried, so I shut up and I dug and shovelled, alll the while the kids slept.

When they eventually got up, 1 by 1 they noticed it missing, Mum is still sad.

RIP tinfoiler.

Much loved member of our family.

Missed by all including the Dog, Barney who is not allowed to dig in the frint yard because of many loved deceased fish.

And Shelly, Bert, Leroy Sharo, and Becka.

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Same thing happened to my Green Terror. I was cleaning the tank one day and I heard splashing at the other end. It was swimming in circles half upside down. It was dead in a couple of min, belly swollen. I dont know what happened. At the time didnt investigate any further and no other fish has endured the same fate to date. Did you test the water parameters at the time?

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The water was perfect.

But I now believe Tinfoils have a tendency to just belly up and die.

I would guess it had something to do with its own internal organs because of the colour change. It turned wellow/gold in minutes.

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city painter my tinfoil of 7 years did the same dance before changing colour & dying!

turning yellow then gold is a sign of acidic water!

water being too acidic for a long period of time,may cause this behavour as i have experienced in the past!

RIP tinny tinfoil!

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