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Labidochromis freibergi or Pseudotropheus socolofi


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Hi everyone,

I bought a fish at the beginning of the year and was told it was a pindani (P socolofi).

I was just scrolling through the galleries on the SCP and came across a picture of L. freibergi which looks exactly like my "pindani" Sydney Cichlid Page - Labidochromis freibergi

Any ideas on identifying the main differences between these species. I only have the one "pindani" at the moment and am not really looking to breed at all but it is a nice looking fish and if I do decide to get another one or two, it'd be handy to know exactly what to look for.



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having not seen the "pindani" first hand I can only go on the reference books that I have on hand. After looking at them there seems little similarity between the two species other than the general "blueness".

I do not think the pic you linked too is an accurate depiction because of the angle of the shot, more so than the clouring/baring.

As for differences between the 2 species I would look at the Dorsal-edge of the "pindani" which, according to BTN2, has a whitish edge underlined with black...this is not the case with the L.freibergi. Furthermore, the baring of the Lab is usually on display and more defined, IME, than the linked-picture may represent.

HTH, in some way.

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