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Protomelas taeniolatus "fire blues" and


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Kingsizei need around 200L of water so atleast a 4 foot tank..

They can get upto about 10cm in size.

And I wouldnt recommend kingsizei with electric yellows because the kings are very territoral..

All of my electric yellows died because the tank was too agressive for them.

You could put semi adults or adults with juvie kingsizei though and see how they go.

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Meredith, i have only been researching kingsizei recently myself and there are people on here that could give you far better advice then me but here goes.

You could probably get away with it with a 3 footer but for the fish to happy and vibrant a 4 footer would be best. I have a adult male kingsizei and he's very terrotorial in my 4x2x2..

As regards to fish I have been told a few different things with male and female ratios.

Some poeple have said have 1 male, some have said have 2 and some have said have 3 males. All depends on what works for you I guess.


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