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Breeding P.polleni?


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I have just introduced a male into the tank the female has been in for at least twelve months. The male is either hiding or just virtually motionless in the middle of the tank. He has lost his colour and also his fins are limp and folded. His breathing is normal.

Should I take him out or give him a day or two to get acclimatised? The other inhabitants are a couple of silver dollars a small J.D and a G.geayi. The tank he came from had higher ph and hardness. I have read that the female is often the more bold of the two but not sure.

Any help appreciated?

Regards Martin

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My male does that some times. Make sure there are some hiding places and also try feeding them some live food, you may find that perks him up a bit.

Also I am very curious, G.geayi are you refering to gymnogeophagus geayi? If so could u post some pics?



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