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Reccomend good hot link site


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Hi folks, can anyone reccommend a site that will host pics for free and not delete after a month. I want to be able to hot link to it but I do wanna avoid popups and obviously those shocking browser hijacking sites.

So if you know of a clean uninfected website for photo hosting that hot links please let me know


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Citypainter -

If you let me add your pics (I wont add all of them - just some) to the SCP Galleria - you can use your own pics hotlinked from there if you like smile.gif. Keep in mind I can only host so many - and if I have a better pic of that species - you're picture may b removed from the SCP gallery.

Dave aka

11. Please take your time to write your post correctly. "Posts wot hav b33n rite'n like dis 1" - will be deleted.   LOL.gif  LOL.gif  LOL.gif  LOL.gif

There are pedants everywhere LOL!

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Thanks Guys. Just registered.

Yew, if you like any of the pics I put on photobucket you can have them.

I probably will not get a chance to do anything with my pics for a week or so.

Christmas is silly season at work work but will stop dead in a few days for a much needed rest.

I will email you when I have some pics up and you can take your pic, litterally. rolleyes.gif

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