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Bristlenose Eggs


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I recently noticed my male bristlenose was hiding in a new cave and wouldn't come out...so i looked in and guess what....EGGS!!!.

The thing is they are in my african tank with ph around 8-9 and hardness of around 400ppm

I am after some opinions on whether i should leave them in there or should i take them out? I wouldn't have a clue on how to bubble them or anything and i am afraid if i leave them in there they will get snapped up by hungry mouths when they hatch

Any help much appreciated.



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gday brett

congrats on the brislty eggs. put the cave and all in a fry saver with the male still in the cave as he needs to fan the eggs.in my opinion it is best to leave in the same water.i don't know about anyone else but i have had problems when trying to move bn at egg or fry stage.alternatively allow the eggs to hatch(forgotten how long it takes which is bad seeing as mine hatched a couple of weeks ago. i think they hatch somwhere around the 2 week mark). and then tip the little wigglys into a fry saver.

regards chris

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I have no problems taking the eggs and putting them in different water to hatch in a sieve, but i wouldnt move them after they hatch.

But the best way would be to move the male and eggs to another tank with same water if u have the room.


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