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Peppermint Bristlenose -


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I have recently discovered Catfish Corner - great site. There has been discussion about peppermint B/N. I would like to get some if any one has any for sale or knows where to buy them. I have been breeding B/N for many years (over 15), but due to family, work, building house etc, have been out of the hobby for quite a while and didn't know about peppermint variety. Any information about them would be greatly appreciated - they look very attractive. also breed reptiles and would be happy to swap / buy some.

Are pepermints any harder to breed than standard variety and do they have any particular habits to cater for?

Regards, Bob - (Richmond in Sydney)

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Sorry to hijack this thread but I may be interested in a couple if you go to the NSWSC meetings otherwise I might be able to talk the wife into a trip to my in-laws (they are carlton around the corner) If you remember closer to the time they will be ready just PM me.



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