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GH and KH levels


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Hi all,

I have my first Cichild tank setup..

It is a second-hand (but new to me) 4x2x2.5 with a 3' sump filter.

The (freshly) pre-used filter medium is in..

The water is now at temperature (took about a day to reach the programmed temp) .

The mild cloudiness is gradually improving..

Some planaria have appeared blink.gif - but that's another story..

I have dumped a bunch of chemicals in (as provided by LFS) to get the water quality correct.. I am now looking for alternatives! wink.gif

The most expensive so far looks to be the KH powder at around $32 for a tiny jar.

I am wondering about the home made recipe as listed on http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/buffer_recipe.php - which basically suggests epsom salts, bicarb soda and 1tsp of salt.

Has anyone in Melbourne (or Aus-wide) successfully mixed their own from this recipe and had much luck with it?

If you are in Melbourne, what was the ratio you used?



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Yeah mate i use this one... recipe

I get the calcium carbonate and the KCl from my mum(analytical chemist) so its pure grade.

I am not sure where else to get it but i am sure there are some places, pure stuff is very expensive but you probably don't need it.




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I use the same recipe as cirulis, I sourced my KCI from Craig Thompson who's a member of this forum. He lives in NSW.



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