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strange effects of this weather


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well this hot weather was a cause of concern for me at first. I have tanks hitting up to 34 degrees and lots of stress. fry hate heat too it seems, lost about 20 so far. still the best bit is I have species that are breeding that have yet to spawn for me. so far since saturday I have had tropheops chilumba, demasoni, polits and msobo spawn for me for the first time. got a good number of mouthfuls in other species as well, so it wasn't isolated.

the biggest surprise was the msobo as until today i didnt know if I even had a male, came home and he had sorta started to colour up. evidently it was enough for my biggest girl though, cos she has a whopping mouthful. must be just shy of 6cm at the most and already breeding. not complaining but still amazed.

I know ducksta has also had luck with this weather, just wondering if anyone else has had their fish go a little crazy

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