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Haplochromis Flameback and Siphon tubes


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I thought I would share this little story with all...

I was doing a water change on my recirculated setup last night. With the 13mm drainage hose in I set it siphoning and went back to trying to catch my bloody rasboras out of my sump. (little buggars made their way all the way through the filter media and all!)

15 minutes goes by and the water is still siphoning. I didn’t think twice and continued head down in my sump. It wasn’t until I thought to check the level that I noticed one of my Haplochromis Spp. Flamebacks with most of its head stuck in the drain hose. ohmy.gif (he is about 70 mm long approx)

Immediately I kinked the hose and he floated to the bottom of the tank. Without any other idea of what to do I wet my hands, held the little fella in my hand, in the water, and pushed him through the water so it was going across his gills in the right direction. He kicked off and swam like a drunken sailor for a while and then came to a rest on the bottom of the tank, right side up but looking a little worse for weather... sadsmiley02.gif

At this point most of his face is bright red with blood, thanks to the siphon... I was sure he would be dead this morning.

I checked this morning... He is alive and the most active fish in the tank now. blink.gif He still has haemorrhaging on his face and a dent in his head (from the edge of the hose) but apart from that he seems fine. woot.gif

Not sure if you’ll find this funny or shocking – It is just a weird and intriguing situation...

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