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i ws just looking at my yellows and they seem to have like black dots around the bottom of their mouth. I havnt noticed it befor but it may have been there for a while. Yeah so i dont know if it is fungal or its judt the colouring, cause i know that some of the older ones start to look a little dirty. So yeah if any of yous know any thing bout it have an idea what it is give us a buzz


ohh i forgot one of them seems to allways wedge it self next to the filter and i dont know why. I have been told maybe a lack of places to hide.

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Guest african-au

yellows are pretty straight forward---

a dirty elec yellow is telling you its time for a water change--

regarding black dots--my bet is they have been fighting!

as for the one hiding next to the filter,well its quite possible your dominent male wants to breed with her-- & thats why its hiding shes not ready

or its another male & yellows just love fighting for poll position!

try 25% water change weekly

good luck

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