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aro eating pallets


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i cant believe it, my silver aro for the first time is eating pallets. the good thing is i didn't even have to try. i just put one in this morning and it ate it with ease. clap.gif

i think the other times i tried desperately to get it to eat it wouldn't because the hikari pallets that i waas feeding it was too old (several months). this time when i ran out of the old packet i decided to buy new one

so if ur aros arn't eating pallets maybe try getting a new packet


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Guest african-au

hhhhmmmm drop eye sadsmiley02.gif

well mate mine had drop eye in the left as well

what i did was covered the sides & front of the tank & left the hood off & didnt feed my aro for 1 week & the eye is almost back to normal.

one more week & it should be ok.

we all love to feed our arowanas heaps of good food to obtain max growth!

many arowana enthusiests only feed there arowana 3 times a week once over 20cm!

fatty deposits will build up in the eye area,,,,, i beleive((( its genetic!)))

--mine is fed hikari pellets & i still developed drop eye!

but i wont give up & so far i am winning!

good luck

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