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Blue rams


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For highly cultured ones we get from germany I'd say it's quite hard.

The krib on blue rams

I quote:

'Blue rams' can be sexed using a variety of characteristics. The males

are generally larger (most prominent in adults), have slightly longer

fins (dorsal) and lack the blue spangles in the black mid-lateral spot

found in the females. Wild fish are very easy to distingush, but the

cultured varieties may be a little harder, assuming both sexes are

present. If I were asked for one reliable difference, I would say the

blue spangles within the black mid-lateral blotch is the best method (it

also works on young fish and the cultured varieties).

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Blue ram on right definite female, based on red in belly, fins and colour on spot. She is in nice condition (based on eye colour. I find if a fish is in good condition colour of eye is strong).

If I had to guess I would pick male, but wouldn;t put any money on it. Get more pictures and I will have a better guess.

Anyway I always have been over opinionated.



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