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hi all

i am adding more tanks to my setup, my current air supply is not going to be enough to run the extra filters.

i basically run air driven filters, eg. sponge, corner platform, box etc. also converting a lot of tanks to side drop.

the accepted formula of 3+ ltrs p/m per std air stone indicates a need of approx. 200lts p/min

i have found info on hiblow, i can't find any technical on hailea.

what other large capacity pumps do you use, whats in the market?

your veiws and opinions would be helpfull.

T.I.A, cheers; Colin

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my vote would be to run a pair of Resun LP100 units into the same circuit so as to have a backup if either failed. Or just one and your existing pump plumbed in as the backup?

They're nominally rated at 150 l/min but I have no idea what pressure that was measured against so presume it's something trivial.

The resun site has limited stats here:


Ben at aquariumproducts.com.au has them for $190 plus postage.. less any discounts or some dude in fairfield (is that you nigel?) has them on ebay ebay

currently looking like $154 including postage.

Depending on what your existing pump is like an LP60 unit might even do the trick but if it was me I like the idea of the bigger unit to give lots of spare capacity.

(I'm about to buy an LP-60 to replace the tired old LP40 unit I'm using to run my room but I only have around 30 airstones)

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hi Anita,

by "Hi-Blo"

do you mean these: http://www.users.bigpond.com/pumpserv/hiblow.htm

or these: http://www.aquaria.com.au/catalog/product_...roducts_id/5703

and/or are they the same things?

any particular brands you could suggest(or sell?) Nigel?

btw: I found the following stats page while rummaging around:


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I think Anita said it all. Most of the ones made in Japan, the one I have is made there and its about 15 years old. It all depends how much money you want to spend. All the ones I can get are made in China or Korea and the life span of the diaghrams and flapper valves is not very long but they are cheap. So guess it all comes down to money.

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