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spotted gar


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I'm surprised nobody else has commented on how amazing your fish looks and what a beautiful specimen it is clap.gif

Maybe they know little about Gars.........I think they are truly astounding in their appearance and behaviour. Predatory fish amaze me in their ability to hunt prey the way they do especially the Gars. The photos I have seen by anglers in the U.S who caught alligator Gars are unbelievable. Is this your only Gar? Have you own/d others. I have a Rocket Gar. Sadly it is a pseudo Gar....I know, but still a cool fish. I'm trying to wean it on pellets. It's a juvey at 7cm. No luck yet, he just spits it out. It will take blood worms and small feeders of course. I want him to enjoy feeders as an exception rather than the norm. Any tips on how to achieve this.

Again dude...Nice Gar thumb.gif

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I went to reply to this the other night, but my PC had a spaz, as usual dry.gif

Rotten Windows Me dry.gif

They are absolutely awesome fish !

I'd love one if i could afford one, and a tank for it laugh.gif

Greats pics of a fantastic fish, Alex !!



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When I was growing up we use to catch then in a little creek behind our house. We had them and Alagator gar. The biggest Alagator gar I ever caught was over 6 feet (almost 2 meters) Long and weighed 120 pounds.


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