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My Red Hump


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cheers mate have been looking forward to seeing the pic, sure has grown!

clap.gif , by the way i picked them up from that american cichlid exibition earlier this year @ about 2cm.

Charlie, also wanted to let you know that i recently recieved a blue acara from a friend of mine, i originally gave him the fry to HOLD, but then thought better and let him keep them, the acara that you got from me is the father or mother of the acara that i have here.

so let me know if you want a little family reunion wink2.gif


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The picture does not do him any justice, since it was taken using my digital video cam with only 800K pixel and no flash light.

Family re-union..? blush.gif

I currently have the acara in the 4 footer (the display tank that you saw) along with all my bigger africans (including the 2 front that I post in the general forum), so it is not the best place that I can give to the acara.

PM me if you want them back, we can certainly work something out.


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