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Hi all,

I was wondering whether there is anyone else out there who has heard of or used "GEO LIQUID" I found it at the aquarium store at Pymble (sorry don't remember the name - is just across the road from the train station).

It claims to magically adjust the water to the correct parameters for the type of fish that you have.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about it and was wondering whether anybody else had heard anything about it or have actually used it. There is a website FLEX Japan Inc but since I can't read Japanese, it's not much use to me.



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Hi There

When I first bought some Africans for a new setup from my LFS the staff member almost begged me to buy Geo-Liquid to ensure my fish wouldn't die! Sensing my cynism she halved the price becaused she believed so strongly that it would help and to show it wasn't a sales pitch! I have been using it as prescribed for about two months and have no complaints, the water is crystal clear and the fish seem very happy. I am a novice and haven't had any casualties yet! Plus I feel better adding something rather than the standard de-chlorinator on its own! I did read the leaflet and its very vague about how it works. My own experience to date has been positive though!

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