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sunshine vs maleri peacocks


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There is no difference and a huge difference.

The problem there is you are talking about a "trade Name" for the fish. This is not the way to discuss, buy or enquire about Aulonocara, IMO, if you want accuracy in your information/purchase/question.

The difference between Sunshine & Maleri can be nothing. In the past the A. sp."stuartgranti maleri" have been called Maleri Gold Peacock and Sunshine Peacock...but it is also my understanding that the sp. from Chipoka has also been called Sunshine-Peacock and then there is the A.baenschi which has also been called Maleri and Sunshine.

Forget any and all "Peacocks" and only look at Aulonocara...if there is not a location that you can verify with good reference material consider it a dud. This policy, combined with inspection of the parents of any fry you intend to purchase, will save you much pain. wink.giflaugh.gif


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