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dieing silver aros


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hey guys have any of u had silver arowana or saratoga and it jumped and hit the top rails soo hard that it gave itself brain damage and died.

2 of my friends have a aro and saratoga and they both did this and died.

mine at the moment is around 35cm and im a bit worried this might happen unless i do something about it. im keeping it in 8x2x70cm high

Q: if this is common when aro gets big, how on earth are we supposed to keep these wonderful fish. any suggestions

ps. anyone out there who have kept aro for a long time eg say 5 years+

how did u do it?

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Guest african-au

johnwilly your not listening to anyones opinion?

we all ----have been telling you when you posted adds on a few occasions.

eg;(my silver arowana is very jumpy & is damaging himself) ???

lowering water level was some advice we also gave you?

your silver will be more comfortable with more fish or the right tankmates!

silver arowanas are jumpy by nature (yes)

but if kept with the right fish they are less jumpy

what fish are kept with your silver arowana in your 8 x 2 x 70 ?

i have a 30 +cm silver arowana in a 4 x 2 x 2 with

1)20cm archer

2)10cm pikes

2)15cm siamese tiger

2)20cm silver dollars

1)20cm albino oscar

1)15cm GT gourami

1)20cm tinfoil barb

even though my tank isnt large enough 4 my silver,he is happy and growing well for now!

he will have a penthouse suite very soon!


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couple of things u can do.. as meantion by african-au.. get some better tank mates that wont spoke him as silvers are extremely jumpy until they hit the 2 to 3 ft mark, lower the water level in your tank so your arowana doesnt have as much depth so it can do a "running" jump.. so 2 speak or you can raise the physical height of your tank by putting it on a higher stand so it wil look down on ppl and not be so scared of objects on top .. namely ppl looking at him or her. this may have a down fall in that your silver may develop drop eye if it constantly looks down on ppl walking past.

If it were me i would simply lower the water level, silvers are happy swimming along in 1 foot or 2 feet of water... maybe cover the back and sides of the tank also .. that in my experience calms them down..

good luck :D

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