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OT - Infra Red photography


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picked up an Infra Red HOYA R72 filter for my camera and been experimenting a bit.

You cannot see a thing thru the cameras lense and need to take a few differently metered shots before getting a half decent one. Exposure time for both the shots below is around 3seconds and an aperture of f2.8 - both taken in the middle of the day and bright light too!

Some pretty interesting colours hey!



user posted image

user posted image

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cheers WW! smile.gif

actually it didnt really… i have an adaptor for my Canon G2, so it just screws into that.

I picked it up on ebay for only US$30 from a Singapore seller (they usually go for around US$60 depending on size).

An important thing to note is that most (not all) digital cameras are capabale of using an IR filter, but not all. Some have built in IR diffusers in front of the CCD which cuts any IR for a better clearer pic, which makes an IR filter redundant. Oh, and if you use a film camera you will need an IR film to go with the filter too! smile.gif

Worth doing a bit of research if interested in picking up one - good fun to experiment with and definately gives a deifferent pereception to photos!



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