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Metal halide lighting


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ive got a tank that i need some good lights. the tank is 2.5 foot deep and i just wnat to get some opinions on the best deals on metal halide units.

any comments welcome, im specifficlly after 2x or 3x metal halide units with or without flouros built in like the ones here



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u can order halides for $230 for a 150watt kit (i use these in my 2.5' deep tank).

or a cheaper option is power compacts 130watt ones.

i've tried standard fluros, to tell u the truth..i wouldn't bother...not for a tank that deep.

mine is a marine tank so i use 2x150 watt halides for an even spread of light. I beleive only 1 is need though...u'll have some shading around the sides but who cares, just put the low light plants there =)



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