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Hey all,

just got some tanzanian acei's last week and they have settled into the tank well, very active and the such. Only problem is they tend to be flashing on the sand everynow and again...moreso than most other fish in the tank, just wondering if this is common behaviour for the acei? There are no visible signs of a parasite.

water parameters are:

ph - 7.6

kh- 380 mg/l

Gh - 90 mg/l

temp - 25.5

No ammonia or nitrite


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hmmm...do not just throw medications into your tank, willy nilly, as some seem to like doing. huh.gif

If the fish are "Flashing" excessively then they may have something as simple to treat as White-spot. Keep an eye on them.

WS would normally effect all the Cichlids in the tank in a similar manner...at the late stages of the illness in Cichlids you will see tiny white speckles on the fish.

If the "Flashing" continues try turning up the temperature to 28c for a couple of weeks and treating the tank with a very mild medication...sometimes Salt and Temp raising are enough to fix WS.

Only medicate when you know what you are treating.


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