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just saying hello


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hi all, just wanted to say hi. i was introduced to this site a couple of days ago by someone in another forum and m glad i found it!

iv been keeping tropical fish on and off for a couple of years now and only started considering keeping cichlids recently.

i have a pair of juvi oscars and am hoping to setup a shellies tank with my spare 12G. m still doin my research on the shellies tho so any help would be appreciated thumb.gif (i posted something in the technical forum) its great to see so many people passionate about cichlids that live in sydney! most of the sites id come accross were usually american. dry.gif

well just wanted to say hello rolleyes.gif


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Hi Carlos -

Welcome to Australis's oldest and best (IMBO) cichlid forum smile.gif.

Hope you find all you need here and can finally work in litres instead of gallons!

Dave aka

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G'day Carlos, welcome aboard



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