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arowana plastic lids


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hey guys wats ur take on using plastic clear 1cm thick as lids and putting water bottles on them?

wanting to try this out cause last night aro kept jumping up and smashing himself, probably a cockroach or something up there. U guys on last post say that aro can smash really thick glass lids, so thats why i come to this decision.

also i thought maybe use fine netting to cover all sides of the hood so no insects can enter, wat do u think?

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I think they jump cause maybe something else, I have a 60cm Silver in the living room and a 25cm Silver in the bedroom, and they are fine every now and then but when ever it rains or its storm like weather like it is now in Sydney they go nuts............maybe they can sense something....

On the other hand silvers just jump anyway.....

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Guest african-au

as we all know silver arowana's are quite jumpy by nature

they require large tanks---width very important

eg 8ft Length x 3Wide x 2High (even 2 1/2 wide)

not everyone can accomodate such huge tanks,but we do our best!

having a light on close by will stop your aro jumping!

another way is having good tank mates for silver arowana

my silver is approx 25cm & his tank mates are

blue shark 30cm

archers 20cm

albino oscar 25cm very peacefull

tinfoil 25cm

silver dollars 20cm

lepidota (pike) 10cm

siamese tigers 18cm

none of these fish are agressive to eachother,it has been dificult at times constantly exchanging fish that did not mix!

but trial & error has done it for me!

silver very rarely jumps as he spends most of the time swimming with his mates!

clear plastic lids hmmmm you never know

maybe if you made some sought of latch for your plastic

lids----instead of water bottles!

it might work!

but then again your reflectors may warp the plastic from intense heat!

lowering that water level will take you where you need to go clap.gif


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very good point guys about plastic melting,

wat about some kind of clear material that doesn't, any around?

cause i dont use light all day long this idea may work if some material is arond

i have fronnies x 5 as tankmates + gold spot pleco, aro sometimes chases them but hasn't had a bite at them yet. i dont want to overcrowed my tank 8x2x70cm(h)

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