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black lancer catfish


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Sup Wes!

You can get 5cm ones for about 12 bucks from strictly

Ive only seen 9cm ones in riverside which was about $40

They are not exactly rare, they just lack popularity so not many shops have them but they are definitely rarer than BNs wink.gif , I mean Ive even seen black lancers in Pets centre chatswood

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I've kept a black lancer for a few years and have found that as long as you keep their water at around netural, the temprature stable and feed them good quality foods they are a great fish.

Although timid during the day they appear to be much more active at night, altough I haven't read anything indicating that they are nocturnal my specimen definitley is.

PS: When I first introduced mine to its new tank it was particularly timid, give them about a month to adjust and they will be fine.

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