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Wild Caught fish


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I'm currently thinking about buying some wild caught Apistogrammas and was wondering what experiences other people have had with wild caught fish (not just Apistos). Are they more or less hardy, more or less colourful, easier/harder to breed?

I'm guessing that they wont be as colourful due to the lack of line breeding but I'm worried they may just drop dead from all the stress.

Any thoughts?



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No worries nigel, I was just having a dig wink.gif

I realise how hard it is for you to organise all this and have no fear, we are all very grateful smile.gif

Looking forward to seeing pics of them when they land to really get me excited!

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Hi Dean,

My experiences with wildcaughts are all positive !!! thumb.gif

1. Good colour

2. Very fertile and active.

3. Adapts well to environment...

4. No agression issues.

I got a wildcaught T. Duboisi (Masaw yellow band) from Nigel a while back, and this male fits all those points above...All he is concerned with is eating and breeding with the gravid females.

I recently got some more adult F1 females....and one is currently holding. This male is a great STUD !!!

So, yes GO WILD !!!.... I can't wait to get more myself LOL.gif



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I guess you have to trust the person you buy them from. I would also say i would like you to prove that thay are not wild caught. I dont know how smart it is to take a negative approach to this i dont think it serves any useful purpose. Thats my 2c worth. rolleyes.gif

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I understand that Nigel and dont mean any malice by it, but i would rather assume that all fish are not wildcaught until proven otherwise, as i know in the past i have dealt with people who say certian fish are "wildcaught" just to pump up the price. but like you said you just have to trust the seller.Mind you I am coming from the experience of American Cichlids, as I know its a lot harder to get these than Africans as a whole. and i would rather know 100% what I am getting, if someone says they are locally bred but really it is wildcaught it would be a bonus would it not? but if its the other way around i wouldnt be impressed.and usually there is no way of proving it so i remain sceptical.

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