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  1. Yep do agree that water quality is the most important thing for them I do a 25% water weekly and good thing is that I use the water for my vegi garden . I also have started feeding my tropheus fry with NLS growth mix with tropical flakes 3 times a day and they just love it.
  2. I use flakes, based on my previous Malawi breeding experience i think it is better for fry. I always crush it in more or less thin particles . For the semi adult just feed them directly. Seems to work fine.
  3. Tropical so far seems to work fine for my trops. They love it. cheers.
  4. New to Tropheus too, just started with 4 juv colonies, The water parameters for all my tanks are KH 15 , PH 8 to 8.5 , GH around 14 and temperature 25 degree Celsius. I feed them 3 times a day but with very little quantity each time ( Currently feeding them on Tropical Siprulina super forte) once a week a home made recipe as a treat and a 25% water change weekly.
  5. Hi Alvon , thanks for reply. As you said Jim is the best got all important info from him. The Trops fry are doing great eating like piranas from the first day, you are so lucky to live where there seems to be plenty of breeder, looks like in Vic there is mostly Malawi breeders. Been breeding Malawi for the past 3 years just changed to Tang, hope everything goes well. Cheers John.
  6. Does anyone knows any cichlids breeder in Vic. Looking for Tang species.? Cheers
  7. Just received my babies ikola and bemba from Jim, all went nice and smooth. Bit like xmas for me today. Thanks for the good service. cheers.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Will email. cheers.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Just having some issue keeping the KH around 15 after weekly 25% water change. All other parameters are all good except for the KH falling around 10.
  10. Little help needed. Anybody knows where to find calcium chloride in Victoria and what brand to use that would be safe for Tropheus tanks, Cheers
  11. Thanks Josh. Contacted Jim and just bought 20 ikola and 10 bemba to add to my new colony. Cheers.
  12. Hi new to this forum. Just Started with tropheus. I have already one colony of 20 F2 Duboisi , one colony of 15 F1 Chaitika blue rainbow and a small colony of 10 F1 Bemba orange . I am actually looking for some more bemba and possibly another colony of Tropheus. So if you know any breeder in Vic please let me know. Cheers....
  13. Ged

    Welcome to the forums john69 :)

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