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Nimbochromis linni


Article by Micks Fish

Species information

Species: Nimbochromis linni

Physical Description: The coloration of the Elephant-nose Cichlid is virtually identical to that of the Polystigma. The main difference between the two being that the Elephant-nose Cichlid possesses large lips, that when opened make the mouth look like a small trunk. This cichlid also has a slightly duller body coloration.

Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa

Localities/Morphs: N.polystigma and N.fuscotaeniatus

Maximum size: 30 cm/12 inches

Natural habitat: large rocks and caves

foods: Carnivore. Raw fish, shrimp and a small amounts of pellets

Water chemistry: PH:8 GH: 300-400 KH 5-7 Temp: 25c-28c

Brood size: up to 80

Breeding method: Use water with a pH from 7.8-8.5, a water hardness from 10-18 dH, and a temperature of (26-28 C). Conflicting numbers to the amount of eggs that are laid are given (20-200?), but usually 20-30 are mouthbrooded by the female. The eggs are fertilized by the dummy-egg method. Remove the other fish for best results. The eggs are incubated for 21-25 days. The young can be raised on Artemia and dry foods. The female continues her care for the young, taking them into her mouth at times of danger and at night. Minimum tank size and set-up: 48" (122 cm) or (209 L) is sufficient for young fish. Adult fish require large open swimming areas in order to prosper. A tank of 60" (152 cm) or (342-378 L) is usually adequate. Use large, sturdy rock structures, including caves, in the back of the tank.

Sex ratio: 1 Male 2 Females

Socail Behavior A predator that will eat small fish. Males are aggressive and territorial towards females, although not overly aggressive towards other species. Keep one male with several females.

Sexing: The male is more brightly colored, has more distinct egg-spots, and has a more colorful dorsal edge


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